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About Us

Management Team

Robert F. Barcal has been in the land mobile radio business in the Chicago area for over 40 years. Mr. Barcal was best known as a system operator in 800 MHz spectrum utilizing Motorola Privacy Plus and LTR protocols. He serves as the President/CEO of ESP. In 2000, ESP acquired Canyon Ridge Communications in Las Vegas. Mr. Barcal now resides in Las Vegas and oversees the Nevada SMR operations, as well as, the sales and service facility there. He is the founder of ESP Leasing Corporation.

Robert R. Barcal has operated the administrative side of ESP Leasing Corporation for over 25 years. He is in charge of order entry, inventory control, payables and receivables, as well as, human resources. Bob serves as Vice President for Administration.

Terrence L. Schaul has been the Barcal’s legal counsel for the past eight years. Terry has an accounting degree from the University of Illinois. After graduation from the U of I, Terry earned his CPA . He then continued to DePaul University School of Law where he received his Juris Doctorate. He is a partner in the law firm of McCarthy Duffy located at 180 North LaSalle Street in Chicago, Illinois. Terry serves as the CFO/General Counsel.

Michael M. Smith has over 40 years experience in the land mobile industry. Mike started his career as a technician with one of the largest MSS’s in the country and progressed to be a Division Manager responsible for all sales and service in the Chicagoland area with revenues exceeding $30 million per year. In 1996, Mike joined a start up company that had purchased Motorola Network Services assets. Mike was responsible for the aquisition, build out, sale and trade of spectrum assets in six major markets totaling over $50 million. Mike serves as the managing partner.

Sales & Marketing Plan

ESP believes there is a remaining market niche for true dispatch sales. It will be our challenge to target this market with new sales incentives to combat ESMR type solutions.

Dealer Profile

ESP Wireless Technology Group, Inc. was formed in February of 2003. The principals are Robert F. Barcal, Robert R. Barcal, Terrence L. Schaul and Michael M. Smith. The business was formed to manage the spectrum assets of ESP Leasing Corporation and create new spectrum opportunities for SMR operations.

ESP operates 800 and 900 MHz Privacy Plus, 800 and 900 MHz LTR, 220 MHz LTR, T-Band and UHF LTR, as well as UHF community repeaters. ESP has acquired additional VHF and UHF “YG” licenses and plans to build out as required by system capacity. ESP hopes to sell custom solutions that will bundle sales, installation, service, and spectrum into one monthly fee.